Connect to Wi-Fi on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Learn how to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network, including open, secure, hidden networks, public networks, and networks that you’ve connected with in the past.

iPhone wifi settings image

Connect to a Wi-Fi network

  1. From your Home screen, go to Settings > Wi-Fi.
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi. Your device will automatically search for available Wi-Fi networks.
  3. Tap on KidsConnect SSID.

With iOS 13 and iPadOS, you might see these network options:

  • My Networks: Wi-Fi networks that you’ve connected with before.
  • Public Networks: You should see KidsConnect SSID.

After you join a network, you’ll see iPhone check image next to the network and WiFi connected icon in the upper-left corner of your display or the upper-right corner on an iPhone X and later.